11 Activities That Burn Calories Everyday

Do you want to shed some pounds but lack the time or  motivation  for an excruciating  workout  at the gym? Here’s the good news: In everyday life, you can use up a number of calories by the way. Did you know that you can burn about 200 kilocalories (kcal) with an hour of  housework  ? You burn just as many calories if you  go jogging for 25 minutes  . But also activities like  kissing  or laughing prove to be real calorie killers. Find out which everyday activities burn how many calories and get an overview with the practical table of calorie consumption.

1. Laughter

Who knew burning calories could be so enjoyable? Laughter not only makes you happy, it also strengthens the  immune  system and boosts calorie consumption. If you laugh for ten minutes throughout the day, you will burn up to  40 calories,  or 167 kilojoules. This is the conclusion reached by researchers at Vanderbilt University in the US.

2. Shopping

Everyday grocery shopping is an excellent calorie killer. You burn up to 250 calories  (1,047 kilojoules) in 30 minutes when pushing the shopping trolley, carrying the bulging shopping bags and putting away the groceries  .

But consider this: someone who has to carry three crates of drinks to the fourth floor burns significantly more calories than someone who takes the elevator to the first floor with a half-full shopping basket.

3. Ironing

Ironing is not one of the most popular household chores. But maybe you’ll enjoy it more knowing that 30 minutes of ironing  burns almost 100 calories  (419 kilojoules)? After all, you can save about ten minutes on the cross trainer – and kill two birds with one stone.

4. Vacuuming

Declare war on your dirty floor and your  fitness  will thank you. Half an hour of vacuuming or mopping the floor uses  110 calories  (461 kilojoules) each.

5. Window cleaning

At  150 calories  (628 kilojoules) per 30 minutes, window washing is a great way to shed unnecessary pounds. At the same time you train the muscles in your arms and chest.

6. Kissing

Who doesn’t like them – the most beautiful thing in the world. A kiss burns around 12 calories, and an intense kiss lasting just one minute burns  20 calories  (84 kilojoules).  But it often doesn’t stop with a kiss. In no other activity can you burn off 300 calories  (1,256 kilojoules) in half an hour with as much pleasure as making love  .

7. Cooking

You can also get rid of some calories around food. Sounds paradoxical? Anyone who swings the wooden spoon for half an hour, cuts the  vegetables  and sets the table burns around  75 calories  (314 kilojoules). In addition, the lovingly created meal also wants to be eaten after the work is done – preferably in company. A 30-minute meal with entertainment burns another 75 calories.

8. Gardening

Gardening is highly effective. You can use it to whip your garden into shape and fill up on oxygen and sunlight. Not only will you get rid of the weeds in the garden in no time, you’ll also get rid of those annoying pounds: Planting shrubs and flowers for half an hour uses up around  150 calories  (628 kilojoules).

9. Playing with children

If you have kids, you can surely tell a tale that the little rascals can keep you on your toes. Small children  want to be carried, swaddled and cuddled. Older children often challenge their parents to play soccer, do handicrafts or romp around together. Depending on your activity, you burn  130 to 160 calories  (544 to 670 kilojoules) per half hour.

10. Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is one of the best calorie killers in everyday life. Climbing stairs for 10 minutes throughout the day will burn a whopping  85 calories  (356 kilojoules) while also toning your legs and butt. Therefore, do without comfortable elevators or escalators and rather walk.

By the way: According to a study, if you take two steps at once when climbing stairs, you burn  92 calories  (385 kilojoules) in 10 minutes.

11. Thinking

Not only physical activity consumes calories. Mental work also requires a lot of energy. Half an hour of hard thinking burns  45 calories  (188 kilojoules). It is not for nothing that playing chess is also referred to as a mental sport or  brain jogging  .

Table: Calorie consumption in everyday life

But there are other activities in everyday life around housework & Co., where you can successfully burn calories at the same time. The following table shows you how many calories you burn in everyday life (calculated for 30 minutes and a person weighing around 70 kilograms):

task calorie consumption consumption in kilojoules
Sleep 54 kcal 226 kJ
Telephone (seated) 42 kcal 176 kJ
washing up 75 kcal 314 kJ
scrub tiles 140 kcal 586 kJ
car wash 150 kcal 628 kJ
cut the lawn 120 kcal 502 kJ
Clean up 90 kcal 377 kJ

Burn more calories in everyday life: Here’s how!

Would you like to increase your calorie consumption in everyday life? Then try the following tips:

  1. Walk short distances whenever possible. Be it a trip to the bakery or a short walk during your lunch break: you burn more calories when you walk than when you drive.
  2. A good trick: Always park a little further away or get off one bus station before your actual destination: This is a simple way to integrate a few extra steps into everyday life.
  3. Biking is also a healthy alternative that allows you to burn calories.
  4. Take the stairs: Elevators and escalators should be avoided if possible.
  5. Would you like to say something to someone in the next room at work? Then it’s better not to pick up the phone, but go over there yourself.
  6. Cook yourself! Not only is this healthier than ready meals, it also has the advantage that you burn calories while cooking, unlike eating out or having food delivered.
  7. The household is calling? Great! Just look at cleaning the house as a sport program and tackle the tasks energetically. Maybe even with some music? Because when you dance, you burn extra calories.

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