5 things that make a baby happy

A happy, content and well-balanced  baby : that is what all parents wish for. Of course, every child brings its own personality and individual character traits with it from the moment it is born. But as different as the little ones are, it’s just as easy to give them a good start in life. The five most important tips for new parents:

1. Closeness gives the baby security

At nine months, the baby can feel mommy’s warmth, hear her heartbeat and experience a lot of security. It’s no wonder that the little ones feel happiest when you give them that feeling of security back. When being carried in a sling, during a loving baby massage or during the daily cuddle session: Babies love to be stroked and have physical contact. By the way: Ideally, your child will also be very close to you at night. It doesn’t have to be in the parents’ bed – even if the cot is in the bedroom, the baby feels the closeness of the parents. (By the way, the short distance is also an advantage when breastfeeding at night!).

2. Breastfeeding is good for mom and baby

Breast milk is a true all-rounder. It is the healthiest diet for babies in the first six months, protects against  allergies  and has a positive effect on child development well into childhood. With breastfeeding, the unique bond between mom and baby continues naturally after birth. Mom also benefits from breastfeeding, because it promotes  recovery  and breastfeeding women can usually enjoy their old weight more quickly.

3. Too much hustle and bustle is stressful

Don’t overwhelm your little one. Don’t be afraid to limit the rush of visitors after the birth and to get used to the new family situation on a small scale. Even later, less is more. A constantly running TV, a different baby course every day, constant excursions: that overstimulates the baby. If, on the other hand, you let a newborn arrive in the world in peace and let it get used to its new life very slowly, the parents ultimately benefit as well.

4. Rituals provide security

A bedtime song before going to bed, cuddling together after changing the diaper, the daily afternoon walk: children love the same, recurring routines. Parents may find that boring, but the little ones find it great, because it structures their small, new world and gives them security and familiarity. It’s also nice when dad and baby have a ritual together, such as  bathing  or putting them to bed.

5. Do something good for yourself

Only happy parents have happy babies. So, from time to time, consciously treat yourself to little breaks and escapes from everyday life. This can be a relaxing full bath, a little shopping spree, an evening for two. Tip for breastfeeding mums: How about a night without getting up again? If you express a milk ration and your partner does the nightly feeding at the weekend, you can sleep in and recharge your batteries. A blessing that will give you unexpected powers!

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