5 unhealthy food traps in the supermarket!

If you want to eat a healthy and balanced diet but don’t have much time, you often reach for the quick solution from the supermarket. But many products appear healthier at first glance than they actually are. Muesli,  juices  and other snacks are often unhealthy sugar and calorie traps. Which foods you should better keep your hands off.

1. Fruit Muesli – unhealthy sugar trap in the morning

For a healthy start in the morning, many people reach for mixed fruit muesli. But the mix from the supermarket mostly supplies the body with sugar, various additives and fat.

At the beginning of the year, Öko-Test examined around 50 fruit mueslis in the laboratory. The result was more than worrying: in addition to heavy metals and mineral oil, the experts also found toxic pesticides in the products.

According to the researchers, however, the proportion of pollutants is so low that damage to the health of consumers can be ruled out. Whether there is an interaction due to the different substances has not yet been researched.

However, a healthy fruit muesli can be prepared quickly and easily at home. The base is oat flakes and fresh fruit and/or  nuts  to  taste .

2. Smoothies – better to prepare yourself

The quick vitamin bomb for in between or just an unhealthy calorie trap? Smoothies  are said to be full of important vitamins and boost the immune system, but is that true? Yes, finished smoothies usually contain a lot of sugar, but the vitamins are lost during industrial preparation.

If you don’t want to do without the smoothie in the morning as a small snack, you should prepare smoothies yourself. Fresh fruit and vegetables form a good basis. You can find out which ingredients are particularly suitable  here .

3. Seed rolls – what’s inside is what matters

Grain rolls are often not made from healthy whole grains. Normal wheat rolls are often colored dark with caramel color and decorated with a few grains. Consumers should therefore exercise caution: whole grain is only included if it says whole grain.

Tip: Ask your trusted bakery for wholemeal rolls or pay attention to the list of ingredients for packaged products.

4. Low-fat yogurt drinks

Low-fat drinking yoghurt is often referred to as diet-friendly. At first glance, many expect a healthy, vitamin-rich food that is full of  proteins  . But even low-fat yoghurt drinks are real sugar traps.

Natural yoghurt with fruit, on the other hand, is a healthy snack that keeps you full longer and is healthier.

5. Prepared salad can contain germs

Packaged salad is the quick and supposedly healthy solution for the lunch break. But even if the salad is usually ready to eat, it can still be contaminated with germs. These often lead to gastrointestinal diseases. In addition to ready-made lettuce,  rocket , fresh herbs and lettuce can also contain pathogens.

Tip: Thoroughly clean pre-packaged salads under running water before eating!


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