The 12 best tips for abdominal pain

The 12 best tips for abdominal pain

Anyone who has ever had a stomach ache knows that tummy ache is highly uncomfortable. But treating abdominal pain is not always easy, because the pain can have a wide variety of causes: from stress and hectic pace to a gastrointestinal infection to spinal problems or an allergy . The reasons for abdominal pain can be varied.

Abdominal discomfort is a symptom

If you have abdominal discomfort, you should never forget that it is not a disease but a symptom of a disease. The cause of the symptoms is often harmless and the abdominal pain can be brought under control with a few simple tricks.

In order to alleviate your stomach problems, we have put together a varied program for you, with which you can relieve cramps in the stomach area and alleviate your pain. The tips can be used individually or in combination. With each tip, you should decide according to your own feelings whether the measure seems pleasant to you or not.

If your abdominal pain persists for a long time and cannot be relieved with home remedies, you should consult a doctor so that he can clarify the exact cause of your symptoms.


Tip 1: hot water bottle

If you have abdominal pain, a hot water bottle can relieve the pain and provide relaxation. The warm water in the hot-water bottle inhibits the pain receptors and the pain is therefore no longer perceived as being so severe.

The heat also promotes blood circulation in the tissue. The better blood circulation allows the muscles to relax and relax.

As an alternative to a hot-water bottle, you can also use a cherry pit pillow, which can be heated in the oven or in the microwave.

Tip 2: belly wrap

In addition to a hot-water bottle or a cherry pit pillow, a warm abdominal wrap can also help to alleviate discomfort in the abdominal area.

For a classic belly wrap, you should have three different towels on hand: A linen towel that has been dipped in hot water and then wrung out vigorously is placed directly on the stomach. A cotton cloth is used as an intermediate layer, and a woolen cloth closes the belly wrap on the outside. The wrap should act for at least 30 minutes.


Tip 3: Stomach soothing tea

There are a wide variety of teas whose ingredients are said to have a stomach-calming effect. These include fennel tea, chamomile tea and sage tea. Chamomile soothes the gastric mucosa, fennel has an antispasmodic effect and sage has an antibacterial effect. In addition, peppermint tea and lemon balm tea are also recommended for stomach problems. Alternatively, you can also use a special stomach tea from a drugstore or pharmacy.

And: The spice cardamom also has a calming effect on the stomach. Just add a pinch of the spice to your tea.

Tip 4: do sports

Just like a hot water bottle, sporting activity also leads to improved blood circulation in the muscles. This can relieve cramps and relax the muscles.

Besonders geeignet bei Bauschmerzen sind sanfte Bewegungsformen wie Yoga, Pilates oder Gymnastik. Empfehlenswert sind darüber hinaus auch gemäßigtes Joggen oder Schwimmen.

Tipp 5: Auf Alkohol, Zigaretten und Kaffee verzichten

Der Genuss von Kaffee, Zigaretten oder Alkohol kann bereits vorhandene Bauchbeschwerden noch weiter verschlimmern, da ihr Konsum den Magen reizt. Deswegen sollten Sie bei akuten Magenbeschwerden besser auf diese Stoffe verzichten.

Ebenfalls gereizt werden kann der Magen übrigens durch die Einnahme bestimmter Schmerzmittel. Deshalb sollten Sie vor der Einnahme von Schmerzmitteln mit Ihrem Arzt über mögliche Nebenwirkungen Rücksprache halten.

Tipp 6: Das richtige Essen

Wenn Sie Probleme mit dem Bauch haben, sollten Sie ganz besonders auf Ihre Ernährung achten, um eine unnötige Belastung des Magen-Darm-Traktes zu verhindern. Wichtig ist vor allem, auf schwere und fettige Speisen zu verzichten.

Empfehlenswert sind dagegen leicht verdauliche Lebensmittel, durch die die Verdauung nicht belastet wird. Dazu gehören beispielsweise ZwiebackKartoffelnReisMöhrenBananen, Äpfel und Birnen sowie Kalb, Geflügel oder Forelle.

Tipp 7: Heißes Bad

Ein heißes Vollbad wirkt bei Bauchbeschwerden sowohl schmerzlindernd als auch entspannend auf die verkrampfte Bauchmuskulatur. Als Badezusätze eignen sich besonders Lavendel und Scharfgarbe.

  • Lavender bath : Put a handful of lavender in a saucepan, add two liters of water and bring the water to a boil. Then let it steep for a quarter of an hour and then add the lavender essence to the bath water.
  • Yarrow bath: Put 100 grams of yarrow herb in a bowl and then scald with half a liter of boiling water. Leave for ten minutes and then add to the bath water.

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