After a mild corona course: changes in the heart are possible!

Despite numerous studies and investigations, the consequences of a corona infection have not yet been fully researched. Long-COVID can also make itself felt after a mild course, often affected: the heart. The viruses can deposit on the heart muscle and cause inflammation.

Inflammation  of the heart muscle  (myocarditis) can occur after viral infections and delayed infections. Inflammation of the heart muscle was also registered in those who had recovered.

Post-COVID – the heart is affected

Myocarditis can also occur after mild corona courses. While a study from Frankfurt provided early insights into this, a team of experts from Toronto has now been able to demonstrate changes in the heart.

A total of 47 recovered people whose COVID-19 illness was about three months ago were examined using various methods. After an imaging analysis (MRI) and blood tests for inflammatory markers, heart muscle inflammation was diagnosed in eight of those affected (17 percent).

The heart muscle inflammation regressed without major complications in the later course. However, a damaged heart needs time and rest to recover.

Anyone who wants to return to sport or physical exertion after a corona infection should discuss this with their family doctor in order to prevent serious consequences, such as  heart failure .

Myocarditis after corona infection: young men affected

Especially young men up to middle age suffer from the consequences of the corona infection. Anyone suffering from  heart palpitations , blood pressure fluctuations or tiredness should urgently seek medical advice.

Here you can find out how heart muscle inflammation becomes noticeable and what symptoms can occur.


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