Angela Merkel visits healthcare company MEDICE

On September 8th, 2021, Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the medium-sized healthcare company MEDICE in Iserlohn. She emphasized that both medium-sized and large companies in the healthcare sector are undergoing major changes. MEDICE is sending a hopeful signal, as the family-run company is actively involved in shaping this change.

MEDICE has grown at an above-average rate in recent years and is now a third-generation family business. Development and production take place exclusively at the Iserlohn site.

Merkel highlights Germany as a strong healthcare location

The visit to the healthcare company showed the Chancellor that Germany is a strong healthcare location. The shift in this area is moving away from just manufacturing specific  medicines towards a holistic approach to healthcare. This refers primarily to sustainability in the sense of circular economy, ecological compatibility and climate protection.

According to Angela Merkel, MEDICE is courageously groping its way forward in various areas and sending hopeful signals. An example of this is the development of digital health applications (DiGA) for patients, which were initiated by the Digital Health Care Act. Especially in rural areas, long distances to the practice can be avoided.

MEDICE: From drug manufacturer to healthcare company

The transformation from a pure drug manufacturer to a holistic healthcare company is currently taking place at MEDICE. Close support for patients throughout the course of the disease and individual, preventive measures are just as important as the use of self-developed digital health applications. Sustainability is also a top priority for the company: it is specifically committed to avoiding food waste and would like to make an important contribution to climate protection.


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