AstraZeneca – the vaccine loses its effectiveness so quickly!

AstraZeneca’s vector vaccine loses its effectiveness almost completely after three to five months. Initial evaluations from Scotland and Brazil show that protection decreases regardless of the virus variant. 

AstraZeneca ‘s corona vaccine   has come under criticism for being less effective than   BioNTech/Pfizer’s and  Moderna ‘s mRNA vaccines  . Rare side effects such as sinus vein thrombosis added to the vaccine’s bad reputation. In the UK and Brazil, on the other hand, a large proportion of the population has been vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca: How does the vaccine work against Delta and Gamma?

A team of experts from Scotland determined the protective effect of AstraZeneca in Brazil and Scotland based on vaccination and infection rates. While the gamma variant of  SARS-CoV-2  was responsible for a high rate of infection in Brazil, the delta mutation had prevailed in Scotland during the study period. The infection process developed in parallel in both countries.

The protective efficacy of AstraZeneca was approximately 83.7 percent (Scotland) and 86.4 percent (Brazil) two to three weeks after primary vaccination in Scotland and Brazil. At that time, less severe COVID-19 courses and deaths were registered in the countries.

Ten to eleven weeks after the second dose, the protective effect was already decreasing. AstraZeneca only achieved an effectiveness of 79.6 percent in Scotland and 69.9 percent in Brazil against severe corona courses.

Three to four months after vaccination, the protective effect was only 53.6 percent (Scotland) and 42.2 percent (Brazil). For people who have been fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca, the risk of a severe course three to five months after vaccination is twice as high as immediately after the second dose.

The effectiveness against mild gradients also decreased. After about five months, it was only 39.1 percent in Scotland, while in Brazil it was still 57 percent.

As with other vaccines, those who have been double-vaccinated with AstraZeneca should also take advantage of the booster vaccination offer to continue to maintain protection.

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