AstraZeneca vaccination in Germany will be continued!

Vaccination with the corona vaccine AstraZeneca will be continued on the recommendation of the Paul Ehrlich Institute. Vaccination by general practitioners should also start as soon as possible.

After a three-day vaccination break, Germany is continuing vaccination with  AstraZeneca  . Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn and epidemiologist Karl Lauterbauch welcome the continuation of vaccination in view of the increasing incidence figures and the spread of the mutation.

AstraZeneca: EMA gives the green light

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn relies on the recommendation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) after a three-day vaccination break with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Due to increased cerebral vein thrombosis in connection with AstraZeneca, it is quite possible that the vaccine could be responsible for this. However, the risk of severe corona disease is significantly higher than that of possible cerebral vein thrombosis. On the recommendation of the EMA, the patient information sheets should be updated and the case of  thrombosis  listed as a side effect.

The number of primary vaccinations should be increased

In order to prevent increased incidence values, overcrowded intensive care units and deaths, the experts at the Robert Koch Institute and Karl Lauterbach recommend postponing the second vaccination. The initial vaccination could already guarantee 80 percent vaccination protection and thus reduce the risk of illness and the spread of corona infections. This measure would relieve the health system as a whole.

The AstraZeneca vaccine and the  Johnson  & Johnson vaccine are to be produced and filled in Germany in the near future in order to prevent further supply bottlenecks.

Karl Lauterbach warns of a “brilliant third wave”

Since the British corona mutation B.1.1.7 already accounts for three quarters of all infections, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn and expert Karl Lauterbach are in favor of continuing the AstraZeneca vaccination and a possible third lockdown.

Karl Lauterbach in particular warns of high incidences due to the rapid spread through mutations: “In 14 days the mutation has displaced all original mutations. That would lead to a doubling of the number of cases and an incidence of 200.”

Even quick tests cannot prevent a third lockdown and exponential growth. Testing alone would not lower the exponential growth rate.

In contrast to the original variant of the virus, the mutation also increasingly attacks children and adolescents. Due to increased school attendance and contacts between the generations, these are increasingly carriers of the virus. Therefore, especially in schools, it should be increased and tested frequently. In addition, the first studies on the effect and side effects of the  corona vaccines  in children are already being carried out.

Russian vaccine Sputnik V could be coming

 Due to the clear shortage of vaccines, politicians are also in favor of approving the Russian vaccine  Sputnik V. The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut is to intensively review the data and results of the previous studies of Sputnik V. The Russian vaccine producer will also be supported in finding the production sites in order to be able to quickly generate increased vaccine doses after a possible approval.

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