AstraZeneca vaccine soon for people over 65?

Until now, AstraZeneca’s vaccine could only be used in people under the age of 65 due to a lack of studies in older people. New studies now confirm the effectiveness in all age groups. Therefore, according to “FAZ” information, older people could soon be vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

According to the FAZ, the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) is currently advising and, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health, is to officially confirm the release of the AstraZeneca vaccine for older people today. A statement from both sides is already in progress.

AstraZeneca: Vaccination backlog could be reduced

Several million doses of the vaccine are currently stored unused in vaccination centers. Doubts about the vaccine and problems with making appointments are reasons for the vaccine surplus. Due to a lack of data, AstraZeneca  should only be administered to younger people. New studies and a release of the STIKO for people over 65 years of age could change the vaccination sequence and prioritization again.

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