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Dietary supplements such as base tabs and base powder should, in addition to alkaline foods, help to keep the acid-base balance in balance. Base tabs and base powder ensure that the acids in the body are neutralized again. This reduces the excess acid in the body and strengthens the immune system. As a rule, the base tabs and base powders are a mixture of various mineral salts and sucrose or lactose.

Base tabs and base powder

Since it is easy to consume too few bases with an unbalanced diet, base tabs and base powder should provide support. As a side effect of taking base tabs or base powder,  diarrhea  can occur at the beginning, since taking the base powder particularly stimulates organs such as the small intestine.

Examples of food supplements rich in bases are the pH-balance PASCOE® base tabs, the Naturafit® base tabs or the tri.balance® base powder.

Base cure for detoxification

If you want to detoxify your body all around, you can do an alkaline treatment. Drinking alkaline  tea  first ensures that the pollutants stored in the connective tissue are dissolved. Basic tea consists of herbal mixtures that can contain up to 50 different herbs. Simply pour 0.5 liters of water over one to two teaspoons of the herbal mixture and let it steep. However, you should not consume more than 0.5 liters of alkaline tea per day.

The dissolved substances are then neutralized. The thus increased need for basic minerals is covered by base tabs or base powder. Consequently, the pollutants can be excreted. In order not to put too much strain on the kidneys, you should drink a lot during this phase. Baths with alkaline bath salts can also be taken. An  alkaline bath  not only ensures that the body is detoxified, but also helps our skin to be soft to the touch.

Alkaline fasting: Nutrition through alkaline foods

If the effect of the alkaline treatment is not enough for you, you can also perform alkaline fasting. This is not  fasting  in the classic sense, but a diet based purely on alkaline foods. The base fasting period should be between one and six weeks.

Base fasting detoxifies the body and relieves the  metabolism  . In addition, base-forming minerals are replenished by a base-rich diet. Alkaline fasting is basically suitable for everyone, but especially for people who are overweight,  diabetichigh blood pressure  or rheumatism.

Criticism of the concept of alkaline nutrition

The alkaline diet is a concept of alternative medicine. In scientific medicine there is no scientific evidence for the concept. Here, chronic hyperacidity is only known to occur in certain clinical pictures, while healthy people only experience acute acidosis or alkalosis.

It is therefore doubtful whether a diet that does not correspond to the ratio of 25:75 actually leads to chronic  hyperacidity  and really leads to diseases such as osteoporosis. It is assumed that a  balanced diet already  protects us sufficiently against hyperacidity.

It is also controversial whether the alkaline diet is suitable as a permanent form of nutrition. However, a high-alkaline diet could be useful for older people or patients with kidney disease or diabetes, as some of them suffer from strong fluctuations in the acid-base balance and frequent hyperacidity. However, in such cases it is better to use base-rich foods than base tabs or base powder.

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