Bavarian Booster: Bavarian Nordic develops vaccine

In addition to BioNTech, another German pharmaceutical manufacturer is developing a corona vaccine. The vaccine from the German-Danish company is intended to serve as a booster. The vaccine is neither an mRNA nor a vector vaccine. This is behind the vaccine “made in Bavaria”.

The phase 2 study for the ABNCoV2 vaccine has already been completed, and the results are definitely positive. A phase 3 study is scheduled to follow in 2022.

Bavarian Nordic – this is how the corona vaccine works

Bavarian Nordic relies on an artificially produced protein vaccine. The human  immune system  should react to virus-like particles, which consist of protein components and represent a supposed danger to the immune system.

The body responds to the protein mix and produces antibodies that also respond to the spike protein of  SARS-CoV-2  . If a person becomes infected with  Corona , the immune system reacts with a suitable antibody response.

The novel technology is called “capsid virus-like particles” (cVLP).

Bavarian booster with high effectiveness

The Corona vaccine from Bavarian Nordic is intended to be used in particular as a booster for existing mRNA and vector vaccines. First studies show a high effectiveness.

The antibody level can be increased by a factor of 2 to 40, depending on the vaccination protection already in place. The effectiveness against a severe course should therefore be over 90 percent after the boosters. In addition, the booster protects against the wild type as well as the alpha, beta and delta variants of SARS-CoV-2. The protective effect against Omikron is still being determined.

According to Bavarian Nordic, the vaccine candidate should be used as a universal booster. So far no serious side effects are known.


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