BioNTech on AstraZeneca: Cross-vaccination also for over 60-year-olds

The Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) reacts to the Delta variant in Germany. The vaccination recommendation is adjusted: People who have received a first dose of AstraZeneca should be vaccinated with a second dose of BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna. Age no longer plays a role here.

In order to prevent the rapid spread and the subsequent severe courses, the STIKO recommends a heterologous vaccination scheme.

Heterologous vaccination: Stronger immune response against Delta

The heterologous vaccination schedule has so far only been recommended for people under the age of 60 who have received their first vaccination with  AstraZeneca  . Due to the increased occurrence of sinus vein thrombosis in younger people, the second vaccination should then be carried out with BioNTech/Pfizer or  Moderna  .

In order to ensure the best possible protection against the contagious Delta variant, STIKO now also recommends the heterologous vaccination scheme for people over 60 years of age.  According to STIKO, the combination – first dose of AstraZeneca and second dose  of mRNA vaccine – is “significantly superior” to pure AstraZeneca vaccination. In addition, it is important to “perceive the second vaccination in a timely manner”, since after the first vaccination there is only significantly weaker protection against the Delta variant.

Delta variant: STIKO recommends vaccination intervals

STIKO recommends the following intervals between the required vaccinations:

  • BioNTech/Pfizer: three to six weeks
  • Moderna: four to six weeks
  • AstraZeneca (for first and second doses of AstraZeneca): 12 weeks

Heterologous vaccination schedule: at least four weeks

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