BioNTech/Pfizer: third vaccination necessary

The question of whether the corona vaccination needs to be refreshed has been around for a long time. The vaccine manufacturer BioNTech/Pfizer expects the protective effect to decrease after around six months.

First data from Israel show that the protective effect of the vaccine against infections and symptomatic courses of the disease decreases six months after the second vaccination. The vaccine manufacturer announced this in a statement.

BioNTech/Pfizer expects third vaccination

The company assumes that the third booster of the mRNA vaccine will follow six to twelve months after the second dose. An ongoing study shows “encouraging results” in this regard: It is assumed that a third dose could protect against the previous virus variants with a high level of effectiveness.

In addition, the company, like the vaccine manufacturer  Moderna  , is already working on an adapted version of the vaccine in order to be able to react better to virus variants. All data will soon be published in a specialist journal.

Overall, the company is prepared for the refresh. Both the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European  Medicines  Agency (EMA) want to wait for the entire data situation before making recommendations for a third vaccination.

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