BKK umbrella organization records above-average sick leave in October

Number of days absent due to Corona almost doubled

The company health insurance funds (BKK) recorded an above-average level of sick leave in October. Among the four and a half million members, there was a sick leave rate of 6.7 percent, as the BKK umbrella organization announced on Thursday in Berlin. The value is therefore far above the October values ​​of the past ten years, which fluctuated between 3.86 percent and 4.80 percent.

The number also increased compared to September 2022 – at that time the value was 5.76 percent. The sickness rate for respiratory diseases was 1.86 percent in October. This value is also above average. According to the Robert Koch Institute, several different respiratory pathogens are to blame for the high numbers.

The number of corona infections among BKK members also increased. In October, there were 125.1 sick notes for every ten thousand employed members. In September the value was 74.4, but in March it was significantly higher with 153.7 cases.

The number of days absent almost doubled compared to the previous month. In October, there were 1,001 absent days for every ten thousand BKK members. 6.3 percent of sick leave this month was related to  Covid-19  .

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