Bladder infection after bathing: 5 tips against cystitis

On hot days, visits to the outdoor pool or the lake provide cool refreshment. For many women, however, a relaxed bathing day can have painful consequences in the form of a urinary tract infection. Bladder infection (cystitis) is the most common infection of the lower urinary tract. It causes pain when urinating and in the lower abdomen as well as a frequent urge to urinate. So you can prevent a bladder infection while swimming and that helps against cystitis.

Some women are particularly susceptible to  cystitis  and urinary tract infections. The infection is usually triggered by bacteria that get into the urethra.

This helps against cystitis when bathing: 5 tips and tricks

These 5 tips will help prevent cystitis after  bathing  :

  1. Avoid damp or wet  bikinis :  germs and bacteria feel particularly at home in a warm, humid environment and can therefore multiply particularly well. This can lead to infections and bladder infections. The synthetic material of the swimwear also plays a role. It is therefore advantageous to change your bikini or swimsuit immediately after swimming or bathing.
  2. Do not cool off for too long:  Staying in cold water for a long time or wearing wet swimwear can cause your abdomen to cool down. Since the cold slows blood circulation and weakens the  immune system  in the affected area, pathogens can spread more quickly. Tip: For water sports that favor a longer stay in the water, it is advisable to wear wetsuits. This can prevent rapid hypothermia.
  3. Change the hygiene items:  To reduce the penetration of pathogens, the tampon should be changed immediately after being in the water.
  4. Drink plenty of water:  It is generally advisable to drink plenty of water on hot summer days. The liquid intake also cleans the urinary tract and thus prevents bacteria and germs from settling.
  5. Pay attention to your pad:  germs and bacteria not only lurk in the water, the risk of infection is also increased at the edge of the pool, on the lawn or on the warm concrete floor around the pool. So put a towel or blanket under and wash it after you go to the pool. Pack an extra clean towel to dry off.

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