Booster vaccination: Lasts shorter than expected!

While in Germany many people also receive the booster vaccination over the Christmas period, Israel is already planning the fourth vaccination due to the Omicron variant. This is also necessary, because the booster also loses its effectiveness.

The fact that several vaccinations are necessary to produce vaccination protection is also the case with other vaccines such as the  flu vaccination or the vaccines against  TBE  or  tetanus  . The interval between each booster may vary depending on the vaccine. The corona booster could lose its effectiveness after just two to three months.

Booster vaccination: Duration of effectiveness may decrease

Initial evaluations from England indicate that the effectiveness of the booster vaccinations could also decrease. The omicron variant in particular could bypass the neutralizing antibodies and be responsible for breakthrough infections:

  • Basic immunization with AstraZeneca:  After the booster vaccination with the  mRNA vaccines  , they achieved an effectiveness of around 60 percent. Ten weeks after the refresher, the effectiveness after the Moderna booster was around 45 percent. When BioNTech/Pfizer followed AstraZeneca, the booster was only 35 percent effective after ten weeks.
  • Basic immunization with BioNTech:  The booster with BioNTech achieved an effectiveness of around 70 percent, but after ten weeks this dropped to 45 percent. However, when Moderna followed BioNTech/Pfizer, the effectiveness of the booster was 70 to 75 percent nine weeks after the third vaccination.

Since the data so far is based on only a few numbers, further studies are to be carried out to determine how long the effect of the booster vaccination lasts. In addition, a distinction must be made between different groups of people, since age or previous illnesses could also play a role.

Israel tests fourth corona vaccination

Israel is already considering carrying out the fourth corona vaccination for health workers and people over 60 years of age.

As part of a small study, employees at a hospital in Tel Aviv are to receive their fourth corona vaccination this week. The antibodies before and after the fourth vaccination are then compared, and side effects can also be determined.

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