Call for a ban on smoking in cars when children and pregnant women are present

Children’s charity: One million minors are exposed to tobacco smoke in the car

In order to reduce the dangers of  passive smoking  , an alliance of several organizations and associations is calling for a legal ban on smoking in cars when children or pregnant women are present. In a joint statement published on Monday, those involved demanded that violations be punished with an “effective fine”, the German Children’s Fund announced on Monday in Berlin.

In particular, minors and unborn children are at increased risk from passive smoking. According to the associations, around one million children and young people in Germany are exposed to tobacco smoke in the car. In many European countries, such protection of minors in vehicles is already regulated by law.

In addition to the children’s charity, the German Cancer Research Center, the German Medical Association and the professional association of paediatricians are also involved in the demands. A total of 37 organisations, associations and institutions joined the alliance. 

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