Childbirth preparation

As soon as you hold a positive pregnancy test in your hands, an incredibly exciting time begins in which the preparation for childbirth plays an important role. Especially when it is the 1st child, a lot of questions arise. Good to know that all parents-to-be feel the same way. It is therefore highly recommended  to attend childbirth preparation courses  . Here you can meet like-minded people and receive valuable tips on childbirth preparation from experienced midwives.

Concerns and  fears  can be discussed in childbirth preparation courses. The instructor will demonstrate various prenatal exercises  and breathing techniques throughout the course  to help cope with contractions during labour.

When are such courses useful? It is best to attend such a course in the last trimester of  pregnancy . Much earlier is not recommended – then you still have so much time until the birth and most of the tips you hear are no longer so present.

In order to optimally prepare for the delivery, you can  drink prenatal tea  from around the 36th week of pregnancy . Prenatal tea usually contains raspberry leaves, which soften the tissues.

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