The active ingredient clenbuterol is primarily used in medications to treat  asthma  . It relaxes the breathing muscles, relieving the spasms of an asthma attack. However, because of the fat-burning effect of high doses of clenbuterol, this active ingredient is also often taken by bodybuilders. Competitive athletes not only want to lose weight with clenbuterol, they also rely on its anabolic effect: by slowing down protein breakdown, it helps to enlarge muscle cells. This allows you to build muscle faster. However, clenbuterol is not one of the anabolic steroids, but belongs to the substance class of beta-2 agonists.

Clenbuterol side effects

Since it is not a hormone preparation, the side effect potential of clenbuterol is much lower and is often not taken seriously by athletes. True, when doping with clenbuterol,  muscle tremors , excessive  sweating , headaches, insomnia, increased blood pressure and  nausea  can occur. However, these side effects usually subside after a week or two once you get used to the drug.

Nonetheless, Clenbuterol is a prescription drug to be used only under medical supervision and in the prescribed dosage. Otherwise there may be long-term damage to the lungs, heart and other internal organs.

Doping mit Clenbuterol

Apart from that, clenbuterol doping is usually only successful in competitive athletes. Unathletic, overweight people usually only experience short-term success when losing weight with clenbuterol – if at all.

The best-known case of clenbuterol doping is that of two-time sprint world champion Katrin Krabbe. In 1992 she was found to be taking the performance-enhancing drug. Since then, the abuse of Clenbuterol has fallen sharply due to strict controls within the EU. There are also repeated scandals in animal fattening in which the active ingredient clenbuterol is illegally administered to animals in order to produce lean meat.

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