Cocaine: Intoxicating drug that is highly addictive

Cocaine: Intoxicating drug that is highly addictive

Cocaine, colloquially known as coke, is a drug with an extremely high potential for addiction. Even the first consumption of cocaine can lead to addiction. The white powder is produced using a chemical process from the coca bush leaves. While cocaine was once considered a common painkiller in doctors’ offices and hospitals, cocaine is now one of the most dangerous drugs. The powder, which is usually snorted, gives the user an ecstatic high feeling, but they quickly feel restless, depressed and nervous. Added to this is the strong desire to feel a sense of happiness again and, therefore, for more cocaine.

The drug crack is also made from cocaine. This smokable form of cocaine is far more potent and, therefore, poses even more significant risks.

Effects of cocaine

The direct effect of the drug cocaine (coke) is manifested by:

  • Loss of appetite
  • accelerated breathing
  • increased pulse
  • euphoria
  • Hallucinations

But nausea, anxiety, depression, panic and paranoia can also result from consumption. Long-term cocaine addicts often experience disorientation, apathy, hallucinations and exhaustion. Irreversible physical problems such as liver, kidney and lung damage, damage to the nasal mucosa, infectious diseases, tooth loss, abscesses, and sexual dysfunction are also typical signs of cocaine addiction.

As the oldest and most dangerous drug in the world, cocaine has ruined countless lives. The extreme addiction makes you forget everything else; it’s just a matter of obtaining and financing the drug. Because of this cocaine addiction, there is a high risk of going down the wrong path, coming into contact with crime and prostitution, and losing your job and family.

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