Coffee: weight loss support?

Hardly any drink is said to have as many effects as  coffee : it is said to drive away tiredness, improve concentration, relieve headaches and activate fat burning. Above all, knowledge of the stimulating effect of caffeine on the cardiovascular system has led to coffee being touted in many a diet guide as a “miracle cure” for losing weight.

Does coffee help you lose weight?

But can coffee really help with weight loss? What is certain is that the pounds do not melt just by drinking coffee. We reveal how much truth there is in the sometimes supposed wisdom and how you can use coffee sensibly in your diet.

Fat burning through coffee: only effective with exercise

A positive effect of caffeine: It boosts digestion because the production of bile secretion and gastric acid is increased. Studies have also shown that the caffeine contained in coffee actually promotes the release of fatty acids from the depots (lipolysis). However, this process in itself is not enough to make the fat deposits disappear. Because if the free fatty acids are not consumed as part of an increased energy requirement, the body stores them again.

Caffeine can only support fat burning in combination with sufficient exercise. However, it has not yet been proven whether a cup of coffee before exercising increases calorie consumption to the required extent.

Cheat cravings with coffee

However, coffee can still help you lose weight, because black coffee contains almost no calories and no carbohydrates. That is why the drink is quite a good option during a diet. Black coffee is also allowed in diets such as  intermittent fasting , in which nothing may be eaten during certain periods of time and no high-calorie drinks may be consumed.

The warm drink also fills the stomach and can thus  reduce cravings  . So if you’re craving unhealthy snacks between meals, try a cup of coffee instead of a candy bar or biscuits.

But be careful: sugar, syrup, cream or lots  of milk ,  as in the popular trend drink latte macchiato, can quickly turn coffee into a calorie bomb. It is therefore best to enjoy your coffee pure or with just a small dash of low-fat milk.

Enjoy coffee in moderation to lose weight

Even if black coffee in particular is a good alternative to high-calorie drinks, it should not be drunk in excess, even during a diet. Because too much caffeine can cause problems such as stomach problems,  sleep disorders  or  high blood pressure  .

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment considers around 400 milligrams of caffeine per day to be harmless for a healthy adult. That’s about four cups of coffee. Since the body needs a while to break down the caffeine, no more than two cups of coffee should be drunk in a row.

Green coffee: Effect not proven

A diet trend from the USA are dietary supplements with green coffee bean extract. The  beans  are raw, i.e. not roasted. The active ingredient chlorogenic acid is said to reduce the absorption of sugar in the intestine and thus support weight loss. Because the more sugar gets into the blood, the more  insulin  the body releases. This in turn causes more fat to be stored.

So far, however, there are no reliable studies that prove the effectiveness of the preparations. A positive effect could only be determined in an experiment with mice.

Healthy eating and exercise are indispensable

If you want to lose weight, you don’t have to do without coffee: the popular hot drink can support a diet when prepared in a low-calorie form. However, a balanced diet combined with sufficient exercise is crucial for permanent weight reduction.

Radical fasting cures and zero diets, on the other hand, are expressly discouraged: They do not bring long-term success, but instead carry the risk of malnutrition and the  yo-yo effect . Thus, these  diets  can seriously damage health.

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