Corona infection: At what body weight does it become dangerous?

People who are overweight are classified as high-risk patients in the vaccination order. From a body mass index (BMI) of 30, the risk of a severe course with hospitalization is said to be increased. Initial evaluations indicate that people with a BMI of 23 and above increasingly have to be treated in hospital.

The  body mass index  is a number that calculates the ratio of weight to height and thus determines body mass. It allows a simple assessment of body weight. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies people with a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 as having a normal weight. Scientists from Great Britain found that the risk of a severe corona infection can be increased from a BMI of 23.

Study shows: Corona infection is particularly dangerous from a BMI of 23

While  obesity  was defined early on as the risk of a severe course of the corona virus with hospital treatment, a team of experts from Oxford points out an increased risk of hospitalization even with an increased normal weight.

The scientists evaluated patient data from 6.9 million people from 1,500 family doctor practices. 13,503 of the sick had to be treated in hospital and 1,601 in an intensive care unit. A total of 5,479 died from COVID-19 infection. The analysis of the experts shows:

  • From a BMI of 23, a linear increase for hospital treatment can be seen, so there is an increased risk of a severe course.
  • The risk of death can increase from a body mass index of 28.
  • Patients  who are underweight  also have a higher risk of hospitalization and death.
  • The effects of overweight and obesity are particularly noticeable in young people. In older people, the relationship between hospital or intensive care stay and risk of death and BMI decreased.

Being overweight usually influences the course of the disease independently of previous illnesses such as  diabetes  or other metabolic disorders. It has not yet been clarified why weight can influence the course of the disease, especially in young people.

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