Corona loosening: What will change on March 20th?

On March 20th, the corona rules in Germany will largely end. Which regulations remain in place and what options does politics have if the situation worsens?

The number of omicron infections in Germany is increasing again. In view of the mostly mild courses of the diseases, the federal government would like to stick to the relaxations decided on March 20th. However, a few regulations remain in place. In addition, the federal states have the opportunity to tighten the measures again in so-called hotspots.

These easing will come on March 20th

Two levels of easing have already come into force and have brought with them, among other things, easing regarding proof of vaccination status or events. The third stage of the corona easing will now apply from March 20th. It should allow a return to normality as far as possible. That means concretely:

  • End of access restrictions: 3G, 2G and 2G Plus regulations no longer apply. In certain areas, such as nursing homes, however, testing may remain mandatory.
  • End of the home office obligation: In agreement with the company, home office is still possible, but no longer mandatory.

Basic protective measures: These regulations should continue to apply

In order to keep the number of infections as low as possible and to protect people from risk groups as best as possible, so-called “basic protective measures” will also apply after March 20th. These include:

  • the obligation to wear medical masks on public transport and in places with particularly vulnerable groups (e.g. in nursing homes and hospitals)
  • general hygiene measures
  • compliance with the distance rules

Important:  Depending on the federal state, the specifications for the Corona regulations may differ.

Hotspot regulation gives federal states leeway

The so-called hotspot regulation is intended to allow the state governments to react flexibly to a worsening of the pandemic situation – for example if the burden on hospitals increases or a new, dangerous virus mutation occurs.

Then, among other things, regulations on proof of vaccination or mandatory tests could be reintroduced. These could only apply to certain regions, but also to the entire federal state.

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