Corona symptoms: Hearing and vision disorders possible

Corona infection is initially difficult to distinguish from flu or a cold due to similar symptoms. While at the beginning of the pandemic, loss of smell and taste in particular was registered, the corona symptoms are now as numerous as the number of virus variants. Hearing and vision problems are also possible with an infection.

A first overview of a total of twelve studies shows that COVID-19 can also have a negative effect on the ears and cause problems there.

COVID-19 causes ear problems

Those affected also reported problems or pain in their ears during a corona infection. The following complaints occur in this area:

  • Dizziness due to disturbances in the inner ear: 12.2 percent
  • Tinnitus  and ringing in the ears: 4.5 percent
  • Hearing loss: 3.1 percent

In order to be able to better assess and interpret the ear problems, however, further studies should be carried out in this context.

Corona infection is noticeable in the eyes

Whether and how a corona infection can affect the eyes and the vision of those affected has also already been investigated. The analysis by Iranian scientists includes a total of 38 studies with around 8,300 patients. Eye problems were registered in 11 percent. These included:

According to experts, the extent to which COVID-19 also affects the eyes should be determined in more detail in further studies. Already at the beginning of the pandemic, researchers reported conjunctivitis during a corona infection.

The role that the eyes play in the course of infection and how COVID-19 can affect vision and hearing in the long term has not yet been adequately researched.

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