Corona vaccination: 5 reasons why vaccination makes sense right now

Despite low hospitalizations and a stable number of incidences, experts warn of the fourth corona wave. Unvaccinated people could be particularly affected. The arguments against the vaccine are varied. Many people are still skeptical about the corona vaccination. These points could help convince undecided or disinterested people to get vaccinated.

1. Protection against a serious illness

The delta variant of the  corona virus  is even more infectious than the original type. Vaccination can protect against infection or a severe course. Vaccination reduces the risk of lung failure,  inflammation  and long treatments requiring hospitalization. The risk of later long-term consequences of COVID-19 disease can also be reduced.

2. Solidarity towards children and young people

Children and young people are also affected by the pandemic. The fourth wave in particular could become the wave of children and young people. Since there is not a high vaccination rate among young people and no vaccine is available, especially for children under twelve years of age, they are dependent on protective measures. In addition to wearing masks and constant ventilation in class, vaccinated adults can also make a major contribution to protecting the offspring. The higher the vaccination rate in adults, the lower the risk of infection in children and adolescents.

In order to protect them from renewed contact restrictions, school closures and the long-term consequences of  COVID-19  , adults should therefore act responsibly.

3. Low virus transmission for family, friends and acquaintances

Even fully vaccinated people could become infected with SARS-CoV-2 and pass the virus on to others. However, the risk of infecting others with Corona is very low. The more vaccinated people come together, the lower the risk of virus transmission for unvaccinated people. Vaccinated people not only protect themselves, but also family, friends, acquaintances or work colleagues.

4. COVID-19 disease more dangerous than corona vaccination

All previously approved  corona vaccines  were sufficiently tested and examined before approval. The corona vaccination does not pose a greater risk than other drugs and vaccines. They are effective, safe and well tolerated. Despite the rare side effects of vaccination, the experts agree: the benefit of vaccination far outweighs the risk of the vaccine.

As with other vaccines or medications, reactions or side effects can occur after the COVID vaccination. In most cases, however, these are mild symptoms such as pain at the injection site, exhaustion or  fever . The  vaccine reaction  usually lasts for a day or two.

Schwere Nebenwirkungen treten nur selten bis sehr selten und nur in Einzelfällen auf – eine*r von 10.000 bis 100.000 Geimpften leidet an einer gefährlichen Impfreaktion. Etwaige Nebenwirkungen wie Herzmuskelentzündungen, Sinusvenenthrombosen oder das Guillain-Barré-Syndrom treten bei einer Corona-Erkrankung zudem häufiger auf als nach einer Impfung. Mögliche Risiken oder Reaktionen können mit dem*der zuständigen Arzt*Ärztin besprochen werden.

5. Reduziertes Risiko für Virusvarianten

Das Coronavirus verbreitet sich weltweit – es wird ansteckender und verändert sich. Aktuell werden elf Varianten von der Fittfeast (WHO) als besorgniserregend und zu beobachtende Mutationen eingestuft.

With an increased number of infections, there is a higher risk of dangerous virus variants, which could be more contagious or jeopardize the previously effective vaccination protection.


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