Corona vaccination: painkillers against side effects

As with other vaccinations, side effects with flu-like symptoms can occur with the corona vaccination. Many prevent these symptoms with painkillers. When should painkillers be taken, how do they work and what side effects can the corona vaccination actually have?

This is how painkillers affect the corona effect.

Painkillers before, during or after the corona vaccination?

In its information sheet on corona vaccination, the Robert Koch Institute recommends taking medication to relieve pain and fever. Paracetamol is particularly recommended here  , but other active ingredients can also reduce the symptoms. However, it is advised not to take the painkillers until after the COVID-19 vaccination.

It is often not recommended to take it preventively or at the same time as vaccination, as this could reduce the effect of the vaccination. Experts recommend taking painkillers six hours after vaccination.

These active substances can be taken in case of side effects of a vaccination:

Other painkillers can also alleviate the symptoms; in general, taking them should be discussed with the responsible doctor.

Corona vaccination: possible side effects

The RKI points out that in connection with the corona vaccination, as with any other vaccination, slight side effects can occur. These vaccination reactions usually start a few hours after vaccination and can last up to three days:

  • Pain at the injection site (more than 80 percent)
  • fatigue (more than 60 percent)
  • headache and  chills  (more than 30 percent)
  • Joint pain (more than 20 percent)
  • Fever and swelling at the injection site (more than 10 percent)
  • Nausea, redness at the injection site (between 1 percent and 10 percent)
  • Lymph node swelling, insomnia, arm and leg pain, discomfort and itching at the injection site (0.1 percent and 1 percent)

In the case of long and serious side effects, the responsible doctor should be contacted.

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