Corona vaccination soon to swallow?

Corona vaccination is currently on everyone’s lips: AstraZeneca, BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna are currently being discussed throughout Germany. But soon the corona vaccination – as an oral vaccination – could also be on everyone’s lips in the literal sense.

The origin of the swallowable corona vaccination is the oral medication for  insulin , which was developed by the American-Israeli company Oramed. In cooperation with the Indian company Premas Biotech, the newly founded company Oravax is dedicated to the development of the oral corona vaccine.

Corona vaccination to swallow: This is how it works

The vaccine developed by Prema is to be administered on the principle of Oravax’s patented POD technology (protein oral delivery).

The oral vaccine, like the  Novavax vaccine, is said to contain virus-like particles (VLP). These particles consist of a protein mix made up of three structural proteins, which is supposed to increase their effectiveness against mutants of the pathogen.

The vaccine is transported in an enteric-coated capsule, which, like conventional tablets, is swallowed with water or on its own. The vaccine is intended to be released in the upper intestine.  Special inhibitors, so-called protease inhibitors, are used to prevent the active ingredient from being broken down by the  enzymes in the intestine.

In order to be able to transport a large part of the vaccine into the bloodstream, the cells of the intestinal mucosa must be temporarily loosened. This is ensured by the lipids, chelates, organic solvents and polymers present in the capsules.

After successful animal experiments, the phase 1 study should now be started as soon as possible. In addition to Oravax, other pharmaceutical companies are also working on the swallow vaccine. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), three other companies are developing the oral vaccine.

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