COVID-19: How much does Corona damage the brain?

Scientists advise against calling COVID-19 a pure lung disease. The corona virus affects various organs such as the stomach and intestines, the lungs and the brain. Those affected with a severe course of the corona virus increasingly expressed neurological problems.

A corona infection not only has negative effects on lung function and the respiratory tract, the brain is also often affected in severe COVID-19 courses. A first study from the USA shows that around 80 percent of hospitalized patients suffer from neurological problems.

COVID-19 damages the brain: symptoms and signs

Neurological problems became particularly noticeable in the case of severe corona infections with hospital stays. While it was already clear at the beginning of the corona pandemic that many patients were losing their sense of smell and  taste  , other neurological complaints were now becoming more common.

As part of the US study, data from 3,743 patient registries were evaluated. The following symptoms were recorded particularly frequently:

  • Headache (37 percent)
  • Brain dysfunction (49 percent)
  • coma (17 percent)
  • Stroke (6 percent)

The recorded symptoms were also associated with an increased risk of dying in hospital from a corona infection.

Patients with previous illnesses had a twice as high risk of developing neurological complications in the course of a corona infection. These include, among other things:

Other previous diseases of the brain, spinal cord or nerves could also promote the development of neurological problems in the context of a corona infection.

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