COVID-immune card – the vaccination certificate for your wallet

The digital vaccination certificate is an alternative to the yellow vaccination card, which has to be stowed away in a handbag, is easily creased and contains other important data in addition to the corona vaccination. But what is to be done if the smartphone goes on strike or is forgotten and how can older people without a smartphone prove their vaccination status?

The immune card is available in all official partner pharmacies and is accepted throughout the European Union as proof of vaccination against the corona virus.

Proof of vaccination without a smartphone: The immune card

The immune card is nothing more than an analogue proof of vaccination in the form of a credit card. The advantage: the owner of the immune card does not need a smartphone to prove the complete corona vaccination.

The same QR code can be found on the back of the immune card as in the official CovPass app or the Corona-Warn-App. This QR code can be read by all scan apps used in the EU and is therefore valid throughout the EU.

The immunity card can become particularly important on long trips or trips – if the cell phone battery runs out, the vaccination certificate is still available in the form of a credit card. The immune card is also the perfect alternative to the digital vaccination certificate for pensioners who are not technically up to date and still want to have a vaccination certificate quickly and easily at hand, as well as for all other people without a smartphone.

Where can you get the immunity card?

The immune card is available online on the official website – the prerequisite for this is a digital vaccination certificate that has already been issued. The immune card can also be applied for in the partner pharmacies and sent directly to your home. The small and stable check card costs a one-off fee of 9.90 euros.

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