COVID Toes – Cause of consequence of COVID-19 found

The list of possible consequences of a corona infection is long. Some occur less frequently, other consequences, such as typical long-COVID symptoms, occur more frequently. In many cases, it has not yet been fully researched why the rare consequences of a corona infection occur and how long they can last – the origin of the rare corona toes has, however, been clarified.

You can read here which mechanisms are responsible for corona toes.

COVID toes – this is behind the skin change

Skin changes (chilblain-like lesions) such as frostbite-like lesions, itchy skin, blisters and swollen fingers and toes, also known as corona toes, have been registered in connection with COVID-19 disease.

A current study is investigating the cause of the skin changes, which are associated with an overreaction of the immune system. French scientists examined the  blood values  ​​and skin tests of 50 patients with COVID toes and also compared them with seasonal frostbite.

Overall, 86 percent of those affected suffered from COVID toes and 24 percent from corona fingers. Other reactions were:

  • Circulatory disorders of the skin (4 percent)
  • Joint pain (2 percent)
  • papules on scars (4 percent)
  • Skin rash similar to that seen after drug reactions
  • hives

The antiviral protein interferon type 1 and other antibodies (ANCA, anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody) of the immune system could be responsible for the severe skin changes. The defense system mistakenly attacks the human skin cells in the fight against  SARS-CoV-2  and in this context destroys not only the tissue but also small blood vessels in the affected regions.

COVID toes have been particularly apparent at the start of the pandemic. In addition to this rare side effect, there were other curious consequences of the corona disease. A Japanese man also complained about the constant urge to go to the toilet (restless anal syndrome).

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