Depression – emergence and frequency

Depression - emergence and frequency

In most cases, depression does not have just one cause but is caused by the interaction of various factors. We now know that the messenger substances serotonin and norepinephrine play a role. When there are too few of them in the brain, or their signals are not passed on correctly, depression develops.

How does depression develop?

On the other hand, one suspects a genetic component that is inherited – however, only the predisposition to possibly develop depression seems to be inheritable, but not the actual expression.

Some factors, such as social and psychological influences, are different for every person. On average, women are affected twice as often as men.


Recognize the causes of depression.

Since the causes are so diverse, this also means, conversely, that when investigating the causes, it must be broken down precisely in each case which factors in the current situation of a person affected have probably led to the depression – only then can these factors be changed and the help those involved in the long term.

How common is depression?

Depression is now so common that it is called a widespread disease. Current figures speak of around five to six million depressed people in Germany. It is assumed that more than eleven per cent of all people in Germany suffer from depression in the course of their lives. The depressive phase can occur once (in about 25-40 per cent), and there can be several phases of the disease, between which the affected person recovers – but unfortunately, there is also a chronic course (in 10 to 15 per cent).


Suicide as a result of depression

Depression is an illness that should be taken seriously because a sad mood can lead to disability or even suicidal thoughts. This makes the disease life-threatening for those affected because as soon as the drive inhibition subsides, but the basic depressive mood is still there, the path from suicidal thoughts to an actual attempt is not far away.

40 to 70 per cent of all suicides are committed during depression, and almost every person with significant depression has at least suicidal thoughts.


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