Detox patches: does sleep detox work?

Detox is and remains a tireless trend. Numerous dietary supplements such as capsules, powder or tea are available for special diets. They should detoxify and cleanse the body and break down pollutants. Special detox patches are designed to detoxify the body while you sleep. You can find out more about the detox patch here.

Detox patches are designed to cleanse and detoxify the body overnight. This is how the detox patches work.

Detox patch: application

According to the manufacturer, the detox patches should be used overnight. Before that, you should clean your feet well in the  shower  and then dry them thoroughly. The actual plaster is then glued to the sole of the foot and fixed with another, larger plaster. A dark discoloration the next morning is supposed to show that the patch has removed toxins from the body.

Detox patches: detox overnight?

The detox patches are available both online and at local drugstores. The main active ingredient in most detox patches is tourmaline. This is a mineral that is said to promote oxygen transport in cells and organs with the help of negative ions.

The detox patches also contain tree vinegar, bamboo vinegar, chitin,  vitamin C  , plant fibers and dextrin (starch gum).

The detox patches are supposed to

  •  help you fall  asleep
  • promote blood circulation
  • reduce stress
  • improve sleep quality

The natural detoxification takes place via the sole of the foot and is intended to remove toxins. As a result, headaches and  body aches , back pain and body aches should be prevented.

According to the German Society for Nutrition, however, additional detox is not necessary. Because the liver filters waste products, metabolic products and non-usable substances and excretes them via the intestines and kidneys.

In general, there are still no meaningful studies on the new detox patches and their effectiveness. It must also be determined whether the ingredients penetrate the natural protective barrier of the skin with the help of the patch and whether the ingredients actually get into the body.

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