Diet in gestational diabetes

Diet in gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes, also known as gestational diabetes, is a form of diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy. It usually disappears when the child is born. Nevertheless, it must be considered and managed well with a conscious and healthy diet. Often, even a change in diet is enough to eliminate diabetes during pregnancy.

Prevent gestational diabetes

A healthy, balanced diet is essential for every mother-to-be, especially every child. Obesity and an unhealthy, one-sided diet are the most common causes of gestational diabetes. Therefore, these factors should be ruled out as early as possible.

Sporting activities are sometimes only possible to a limited extent during pregnancy. A walk in the fresh air for at least one hour a day makes mother and child feel good and healthy. It is best to start making healthy changes to your diet before you become pregnant and prevent gestational diabetes in good time.

The “meal for two” associated with every pregnancy is just plain wrong. The energy requirement is not increased in the first half of pregnancy; in the second half, it is only 100-300 kcal. Therefore, listen to your body’s signals and the feeling of satiety during the meal. As soon as gestational diabetes is diagnosed, you should also seek individual nutrition advice tailored to your blood sugar levels.


Eating healthy if you have diabetes during pregnancy

Avoiding sugar is a well-known criterion in diabetes. Now, numerous products and foods in supermarkets are “suitable for diabetics”. But be careful; sugar substitutes such as fructose replace sugar in these products, but the proportion of calories and fat is increased. The better and healthier alternative is fruit, except grapes and overripe, sweet fruit, vegetables or whole grain products.

If you have gestational diabetes, you should always avoid any sugar, such as desserts, chocolate, dextrose or sugary drinks. Sweeten with artificial sweetener, if at all.

The proper nutrients for gestational diabetes

To meet the calcium intake, mother and child need dairy products – but in moderation and preferably low-fat.

High-fibre foods, like whole-grain bread, have many benefits. They are digested more slowly, thus ensuring a long-lasting feeling of satiety and causing a delayed rise in blood sugar levels. They also prevent the constipation that is typical during pregnancy.


Tips on how to drink properly

Drinking is essential, but the same applies here: no sugary, alcohol, caffeine or high-calorie drinks. Various tea and fruit juices provide a healthy change in addition to water. Animal fats should be replaced as much as possible with polyunsaturated fats of vegetable origin.

Seven diet tips for gestational diabetes

You should observe the following seven tips about the proper diet for gestational diabetes:

  1. Listen to your body’s signals
  2. Eat only until you are full
  3. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily
  4. Drink at least 2 litres of water, tea or fruit juice spritzers daily
  5. I prefer whole grain products that contain valuable vitamins, minerals and fibre
  6. Herbs add flavour to your diet
  7. Only use animal fats and meat sparingly


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