Digital corona immunity card for vaccinated and recovered

Digital corona immunity card for vaccinated and recovered

With the coronavirus immunity card, people who have survived an infection or been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus  SARS-CoV-2 receive a certificate of their immunity. This makes everyday life and travel more accessible.

Digital corona immunity card in Germany since June

On June 14, 2021, the digital coronavirus immunity card was introduced in Germany. The digital vaccination certificate is issued in the doctor’s office or in the vaccination centre that carries out the coronavirus vaccination. Immunized people can also pick up the proof in pharmacies. Vaccinated people receive a paper printout with a barcode, which they can scan with the CovPass app or the Corona-Warn-App, which has been specially developed for this purpose. The app saves the vaccination certificate locally on the smartphone and can be shown if necessary. To check the authenticity, the presentation of the identity card may be required, so this should always be carried with you.

Further information can be found on the Robert Koch Institute website.

The four companies, IBM, Ubirch, Govdigital and Bechtle, were commissioned to develop the digital solution. It is an open-source application that protects personal data and is tamper-proof. With the app, vaccinated people should be able to regain more freedom and experience relief in everyday life.

What does immunity mean?

In medicine, immunity is understood as the ability of the immune system to render pathogens harmless without the person going through an illness with symptoms. Immunity can be obtained through vaccination or by the body’s production of antibodies when it comes into contact with the pathogen. In both cases, defence cells are still present in the body, or the immune system can access stored information from the initial infection and quickly form suitable antibodies.


Digital vaccination certificate from the EU

There has been a digital coronavirus vaccination card in the EU since July 2021. This vaccination card records whether and with which vaccine the owner was vaccinated against Corona. It also contains information on whether the person has survived a coronavirus infection or whether a current negative coronavirus test is available. If the certificate is impossible to use digitally, it can also be requested in paper form.

So that the digital certificate can be used in all countries, it is available in English and the national language of the passport holder. The German digital corona immunity card is technically compatible with the EU digital certificate. Authorized bodies such as vaccination centres, medical practices, and pharmacies issue digital proof of vaccination in Germany.

The digital EU certificate contains this information.

Only necessary information about the holder is listed in the digital certificate, including name, date of birth and where the certificate was issued. Also included is vaccination, recovery or testing information:

  • Information about the vaccine, number of doses and date of vaccinations
  • Type of test, date and time of test and the result
  • Information on recovery: date of positive test and period of validity


Benefits of the Immunity Card in COVID-19

With an immunity card, people who are immune through vaccination or recovery have it easier in everyday life: They can go about their work without contact restrictions or support people from risk groups by running errands. This is particularly important for people with a lot of professional contact with others, such as employees in the medical field, teachers, police officers, servers, or public transport drivers.

In addition, EU member states combine the lifting of specific regulations, such as quarantine regulations, with the certificate upon entry if the infection situation permits. In addition, when the number of infections is high, some countries decide that proof of immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is a condition of entry into the respective country. This has long been standard practice for countries with an increased risk of yellow fever.

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