Digital vaccination card: vaccination status expires after nine months!

Can the digital vaccination card expire? Is a third vaccination mandatory and how does a possible booster affect the vaccination certificate? Since February 1, 2022 there have been new rules on the validity of the corona vaccination, read more here.

The digital vaccination card offers the opportunity to visit the indoor catering, concerts and other public events despite high corona numbers. But can the vaccination certificate lose its validity?

Digital corona vaccination pass – this is how long the certificate is valid

Until now, no expiry date of the EU vaccination certificate was known, but this has now changed. The new regulation: From February 1, 2022, the basic immunization is valid for nine months. So anyone who has not received a booster by February 2022 and whose second vaccination was nine months ago at that time will no longer have a valid EU certificate since February 1st.

Since the effect wears off some time after the vaccination, the booster can be carried out as early as three months after the primary immunization. In order to prevent vaccination breakthroughs and the development of infection chains, the vaccination status should be maintained with the help of booster vaccination.

Recovered and vaccinated once – is the vaccination card still valid?

People with a positive PCR test within the past 28 days to three months are considered recovered. The status ends automatically after 90 days.

Recovered people can be vaccinated against COVID-19 as early as four weeks after infection   , as long as there are no symptoms.

Two weeks after receiving the vaccination, these people are considered fully vaccinated. Recoverers who have received a vector vaccine ( AstraZeneca  or  Johnson  & Johnson) should have another vaccination done.

The certificate is also valid for nine months for those who have recovered and who have received another vaccination. The booster vaccination is usually valid for nine months two weeks after the vaccination.

Enter a booster vaccination in the Corona warning app: This is how it works

The refresher can also be entered into the Corona-Warn-App or the COVID-Pass application. Those who have been vaccinated receive a vaccination certificate in the vaccination centers. If you are vaccinated by your family doctor, you can also request the certificate from the pharmacy after showing your vaccination card.

As with basic immunization, the vaccination is transferred to the digital vaccination card using the QR code on the certificate.

Important:  People who were vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson and received another vaccination with an  mRNA vaccine  were considered boosted until mid-January and were therefore exempt from the 2G-Plus test requirement. Due to the new regulations that were made due to the spread of the omicron variant, however, a Johnson & Johnson dose plus another dose as a booster is not sufficient.

Anyone who received the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson is therefore considered fully vaccinated after the first mRNA vaccination. If a third vaccination follows, the person is officially boosted.

Corona warning app: those who have been boosted lose their 2G Plus status

After an update of the Corona-Warn-App, the current vaccination status is displayed directly in the upper right corner of the certificates. 2G-Plus should therefore be displayed for boosted people. However, since the app does not register the booster vaccination as such, it currently only confirms the 2G status.

Those who have been boosted must therefore present all three certificates separately when visiting a restaurant or similar activities where the 2G Plus rule applies in order to confirm 2G Plus. It is not yet clear when the problem will be fixed, but the developers say they are already working on a solution.

Smartphone lost, defective or changed: vaccination card remains valid

If you lose or change your smartphone, you have to upload the EU’s digital COVID certificate to the app again.

If the QR code cannot be scanned again, the certificate can be renewed in the pharmacy and then scanned.

Alternatively, vaccination protection can also be proven on paper, with the COVID immunity card or the yellow vaccination card.

Tip:  keep the printed out EU documents so that you can easily update them later.

The certificates can also be scanned on several smartphones for the family or partner. This allows you to access another device if the battery level is low or if you lose your cell phone.

Vacation in the EU: Vaccination status also valid for nine months

According to the Commission of the European Union, vaccination certificates without a booster vaccination also expire after nine months – those who have not yet received a booster by this time are treated as unvaccinated persons. The booster vaccination is initially valid indefinitely.

Within the European Union, the convalescent status also remains valid for six months.

In theory, additional tests should be omitted upon entry – countries like Austria still require a PCR test for vaccinated people without a booster vaccination. Individual regulations can also continue to be determined nationally, so it is advisable to find out about the Corona rules of the travel destination before a holiday trip.

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