Disinfection and hand care: tips for beautiful hands

Constant disinfecting and washing of hands leads to cracks, dry and brittle areas on the skin and in the worst case to skin eczema. Hand hygiene is essential in Corona times, but skin care should not be neglected either. How to protect your hands during the pandemic.

The Federal Center for Health Education and the Robert Koch Institute recommend regularly disinfecting or washing your hands. Dermatologists also recommend regular hand care.

Tips for beautiful hands: How to protect your skin

The German Dermatological Society issues the following recommendations for skin care despite intensive hand hygiene during the pandemic:

  1. Use hand disinfectants that contain barrier-protecting additives such as glycerol. If your hands are clean, pure disinfection without washing your hands with soap or washing lotion is recommended.
  2. After each washing and/or disinfecting, the hands should be completely covered with care products to support the regeneration of the skin barrier and to protect the skin.
  3. In the event of skin changes, the family doctor should be contacted and possible treatment carried out.

Home remedies: Simple protection for the hands

There are many natural care products in the household that can soothe the skin and promote healing:

  1. Olive oil can help with brittle fingernails:  Prepare a bowl of lukewarm olive oil and bathe your nails and nail beds in olive oil once or twice a week. In addition to the fingernails, a hand bath in olive oil can also promote soft and supple skin: Mix a liter of lukewarm  milk  with five to six tablespoons of olive oil and bathe your hands in it for ten minutes.
  2. Lemon juice promotes soft skin:  Lemon  juice  can   promote supple hands – it is best to rub a little lemon juice on your hands after washing them. The juice not only smells pleasant, it also cares for and cleanses the skin.
  3. Hand peeling removes dandruff and dirt from the skin:  simply mix some hand cream and a teaspoon of granulated sugar. Massage in the  peeling  for three to four minutes and leave the care substances on for another two minutes. Then simply rinse off with warm water.


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