Does frequent shaving make hair grow faster?

On average, a man spends around 3,350 hours – the equivalent of around 150 days of his life –  removing  facial hair . After all, over 800 meters of beard hair come together in a lifetime. How much “beard” a man gets depends largely on the genetic predisposition.

Does Frequent Shaving Really Grow Hair Faster?

A question that comes up again and again in this context – especially for those whose beard growth is smaller: Does shaving the beard, the legs or other parts of the body stimulate hair growth?

You have to say no to this question. You can shave as much and as often as you want – it neither stimulates nor strengthens hair growth. Nor does scalp hair grow faster if you trim it more frequently.

The cycle of a hair

Every single hair on the body goes through a cycle: it grows quickly at first, but over time growth stops. A male beard hair grows on average for about six years, then it has to make room for a new one.

How much and how often it is cut in between is completely irrelevant – the root “does not” know what happens to the hair outside.

Why does the hair still appear stronger?

The impression that hair grows faster after a shave has another reason. The razor cuts off the hair at the thickest part, so when it grows back it often looks rougher and as if it can be felt again more quickly. This effect can be observed particularly in younger men, as they only have a “thin” fuzz at the beginning of their beard growth.

Which way you take to remove your hair is up to you. The most thorough method is certainly the wet shave, but not every skin type tolerates this type of shave.

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