Does poppy really make you stupid?

Who does not know such wisdom from ancient times that has been passed on from generation to generation. But what about these traditions? A closer examination shows that many of these pieces of wisdom are only based on half-truths or even represent errors. “Poppy makes you stupid” – There could even be a grain of truth in this saying. Only the term “stupid” has to be interpreted a little more generously. From time to time it is also said that “poppy makes you stupid”, and “stupid” comes from “deaf”.

Minor traces of opiates

So the connection to the poppy. The poppy contains a narcotic from which morphine is made. Although morphine is obtained from opium poppy, the poppy contains small traces of opiates, which can even be detected in the urine. One gram of black seed has the same pharmacological effect as 2 to 251 micrograms of morphine (1 microgram = 1 millionth of a gram).

Assuming an average morphine content per gram, a child would have to eat 4 to 8 poppy seed rolls or 200g poppy seed cake before a measurable effect would occur. For this reason, nutritionists consider the consumption of poppy seeds to be harmless. A conclusion that poppy makes you stupid cannot be justified.


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