Does smoking damage teeth?

Thanks to health education and warnings on cigarette packs, it is now common knowledge that smoking damages the lungs and cardiovascular system and can also cause cancer. Very few people know that heavy tobacco consumption also puts your teeth at risk.

Yellow teeth from smoking

The nicotine in tobacco leaves a yellow or brown smoker’s plaque on your teeth. The color pigments penetrate so deeply into the enamel and dentine that the discoloration can   not be removed by thorough brushing . Many of those affected then accept treatments such as professional tooth cleaning or  tooth bleaching  in order to regain their white smile.

However, if you don’t stop smoking afterwards, you will only enjoy the white, radiant teeth for a short time. Because of the nicotine in cigarettes, the teeth quickly darken again.

If some smokers need dental implants, they should learn about zirconia ceramic dentures. These are less prone to discoloration than other  dentures .

Painful teeth from smoking

The discoloration of the outer tooth enamel is only a cosmetically visible detail in heavy smokers. An American long-term study by Boston University is also worrying, according to which  root canal treatment  is statistically around 70 percent more common in smokers than in non-smokers.

Smoking also has a highly destructive effect on the oral cavity. Smoking promotes gum inflammation ( periodontitis ) and can even cause oral cavity cancer. In many cases, the wound healing process after jaw surgery is also slower than in non-smokers.

Increased gingivitis in smokers

In the oral cavity, cigarette smoke is deposited on the teeth and  tongue  . The carcinogenic nicotine enters the bloodstream via the mucous membranes of the mouth, causing the veins to contract. Smoking is therefore considered to be generally harmful to blood circulation in the body. This has significant consequences for the mouth and throat:

Since their gums are less well supplied with blood, smokers are more susceptible to bacterial inflammation (periodontitis) in the oral cavity. In addition, due to the constricted blood vessels, it is often very difficult to identify areas of inflammation because the typical bleeding gums do not occur. Periodontitis is then often treated too late. This can damage the entire periodontium.

loss of teeth

Smokers are much more likely than non-smokers to have loose teeth as a result of periodontal disease. In addition, smokers are considered to be particularly susceptible to tooth decay.

Greifen diese Irritationen auf den Kieferknochen über, kann dies den Verlust einzelner Zähne bedeuten. Zudem besteht die Gefahr des Knochenschwunds innerhalb des Kieferapparats.
Vor allem starke Raucher leiden häufig unter Entzündungen entlang des Zahnfleischsaumes rund um Zahnimplantate. Wird nicht rechtzeitig behandelt, kann sich die künstliche Zahnwurzel lösen und muss entfernt werden.

Krebsgefahr für Mundhöhle und Rachen

Das Risiko, an Mundhölen-und Rachenkrebs zu erkranken, ist bei Rauchen um ein Vielfaches erhöht. Der Tabakkonsum kann bösartige Veränderungen der Mundschleimhaut hervorrufen, welche sich zu Vorstufen von Mundhöhlenkrebs entwickeln. Diese zeichnen sich häufig durch weiße Flecken (Leukoplakien) im Gaumen ab. Außerdem sind Raucher gefährdet für Kehlkopfkrebs und Speißeröhrenkrebs.

Dies gilt auch für alle weiteren Organe, die beim Rauchen in direkten Kontakt mit dem Tabakqualm kommen. Dies betrifft vor allem die Lunge. Wer bereits wenige Zigaretten pro Woche qualmt, setzt sich der Gefahr aus, an Lungenkrebs zu erkranken.

Ein Rauchstopp lohnt sich

Even those who have been hanging on to the fag for a long time have the chance to escape the risk of cancer. Already three to five years after stopping smoking, the risk of developing oral cavity cancer decreases significantly. After 20 years, it is even considered to be just as low as that of a non-smoker.

Typical side effects of smoking, such as inflammation of the gum pockets, deterioration of the jawbone or  bad breath  , also subside over time after you stop smoking.

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