Does the corona vaccination help against long-COVID?

The corona virus leads to overworked intensive care units and an enormous burden on the German health system. But even mild COVID courses can become a long-term problem: according to initial findings, one in ten people suffering from corona suffers from the long-term consequences of corona. However, vaccination could also be effective against long-COVID.

Long-COVID makes itself felt, among other things, in the form of respiratory diseases,  high blood pressuresleep disorders  and neurological diseases. Metabolic disorders, malaise and exhaustion are also among the long-term consequences of a corona infection. Initial studies indicate that vaccination could also help against long-COVID.

Corona vaccination and long-COVID: Does the vaccine help with long-term consequences?

According to initial evaluations from England, scientists also recommend the corona vaccination for patients who suffer from long-term COVID and experience significant restrictions in everyday life. The well-being, persistent symptoms and quality of life of vaccinated and non-vaccinated long-COVID patients were compared.

All test persons had to be treated in hospital due to a corona infection. After surviving the illness, the long-term consequences of  COVID-19  became noticeable as follows:

  • fatigue
  • shortness of breath
  • insomnia

Corona vaccination is recommended for long-term consequences

Vaccinated patients reported a slight overall improvement in symptoms after vaccination. This was particularly evident in the decrease in symptoms, and freedom from symptoms could also be observed.

In addition, there is no difference between the vaccines from AstraZeneca or BioNTech/Pfizer. Based on the first data, the team of experts advises long-COVID patients to have a corona vaccination, since the condition may not worsen after the vaccination, but there may be an improvement.

The long-term consequences of the corona virus and the corresponding treatment options will have to be examined more closely in the future.


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