Ear infections

Ear infections are painful and not entirely harmless. Inflammation in the ear can have various causes and are manifested by various symptoms. First of all, you should clarify what kind of ear infection it is. Either there can be inflammation of the ear canal, which can be caused, for example, by a lack of earwax, allowing bacteria to infect the inner ear. It is not uncommon for a misunderstood ear hygiene to be partly responsible. Or it is an  inflammation of the middle ear , which, in addition to  earache  , can also be associated with headaches and flare-ups of fever. This is the most common form of  ear infection in children. A third form is inner ear infection, which can develop from an ear infection and is associated with headaches and balance problems.

Many classic home remedies can relieve swelling and acute pain in the event of an ear infection. In order to be able to prevent further development of a middle ear or inner ear infection, an ear specialist should be consulted if an ear infection is suspected.


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