Eat healthy at Christmas

Eat healthy at Christmas

As soon as the Advent season begins and the Christmas market opens its doors, sweet treats lure us everywhere:  cookies , roasted almonds, Christmas stollen and dominoes can now be bought on every corner. On the holidays themselves, a delicious Christmas menu awaits us. Good food is simply a part of Christmas. For many, however, the rude awakening comes after the holidays, because the scales then often show a few kilos too much.

Christmas – time to eat

Many of us gain weight around Christmas and the New Year. Pounds we often struggle with until spring – or even longer.

It’s no wonder that we gain weight while eating at Christmas. Because a classic Christmas meal with a starter, main course and dessert, including drinks, adds up to around 1,500 calories. But with a few tricks you can not only save a few calories at Christmas dinner, but also avoid typical  calorie traps  in the run-up to Christmas.

Tips for a healthy Christmas meal

Why not try something a little different this Christmas: instead of fat goose, there’s delicious roast turkey or oven-cooked  fish.  Cold-water fish such as trout, salmon, zander or mackerel are particularly suitable. If you don’t want to do without the traditional roast goose, you should  remove the skin from the goose beforehand,  as it contains the most fat.

Before the Christmas dinner is served, it is a good idea  to serve a low-calorie soup or salad  . The starter satisfies the first hunger and the stomach is already a little full – the main course is then usually eaten a little less. A glass of water before eating can also make the first  cravings  go away.

A few calories can also be saved at Christmas dinner with  sauces and side dishes  . Instead of greasy fries or croquettes, use light side dishes such as  rice . It is also better to use healthier versions instead of high-calorie cream sauces.

You can also  avoid other calorie traps at Christmas dinner when it comes to dessert: do without high-fat desserts such as mousse au chocolat and instead serve a healthy fruit salad or a delicious fruit quark

Tip:  The feeling of fullness only sets in 15 to 20 minutes after the start of the meal. So take your time eating, maybe even take a short break between each course. This will prevent you from eating more than your body needs.

Calorie trap mulled wine

At the Christmas market, hot mulled wine in a wide variety of flavors lures us in cold temperatures   . Three or four cups are quickly drunk – but be careful: A cup of mulled wine contains over 200 calories. Instead of a second cup of mulled wine, it is better to drink a hot fruit tea or a hot orange juice.

Almost as popular as a cup of mulled wine is a  digestive schnapps after all those greasy meals at Christmas.  But you can also save these calories: Instead of drinking the schnapps, take a digestive walk in the fresh air.

Save calories when baking cookies

Cookies are simply part of the Advent and Christmas season, but most cookies are mostly made of butter and sugar. But with a few tricks you can easily save calories when baking cookies.

Use  wholemeal flour  instead of  plain flour for baking . Because whole grain flour contains more vitamins and  fiber , which in turn promote digestion. If baking with wholemeal flour is not explicitly recommended in the recipe, you can replace half of the ‘normal’ flour with wholemeal flour without hesitation. Cookies with oatmeal or dried fruit are also particularly recommended, as these also contain a lot of fiber.

You can also reduce the  amount of sugar  specified in the recipe a little – the cookies are usually still sweet enough. In addition, you should not decorate the baked cookies with  chocolate  or sugar icing – this is another way to easily save calories. If you don’t want to do without the chocolate, you shouldn’t decorate the whole cookie with chocolate, but only dip part of the cookie into the chocolate.

Tip:  Bake smaller cookies – this way you can eat more cookies without consuming more calories.

Movement after Christmas dinner

If you exercise regularly after eating over the Christmas holidays, you can easily avoid annoying pounds. Because of the increased energy turnover during sport, the additional calories consumed are easily  burned again . Take a walk with your family or go ice skating or tobogganing with your children.

Even with a snowball fight in the garden or building a snowman together, the pounds begin to melt. In addition, a little exercise in the fresh air also eliminates the feeling of fullness that one usually feels after a hearty Christmas meal.

5 tips for a healthy Christmas

Everything is allowed – but only in moderation! If you stay true to this motto, you don’t have to do without anything during the Christmas season, but you can still get through the holidays fit and healthy. Here are a few final tips and tricks to help you enjoy the food before and around Christmas without consuming too many calories.

  1. Instead of cookies and the like, use fruit more often when snacking at Christmas: Enjoy lychees,  persimmons , kiwis, oranges,  tangerines  or baked apples. Dried apple rings or apricots are also better suited for snacking than sweets.
  2. In addition to the many sweet treats, some fruit is also good on the colorful plate, a few pieces of tangerines, oranges or apples should not be missing here. A few  nuts  are also recommended for the colorful plate, because nuts contain valuable ingredients. However, since they are real calorie bombs, nuts should only be consumed in moderation.
  3. Drink at least two liters a day, preferably water or unsweetened  tea . Sufficient liquid boosts the  metabolism  and curbs the appetite.
  4. Use dark chocolate for chocolate or chocolate toppings. Due to the high cocoa content, it can lower blood pressure and have an antioxidant effect.
  5. If you don’t want to do without sweet treats at Christmas, you can use lower-calorie variants such as stomach bread, pepper nuts or aniseed biscuits instead of greasy shortbread biscuits.

Tip:  Don’t completely forbid yourself calorie bombs like roasted almonds, shortbread biscuits or dominoes at Christmas. However, enjoy the treats slowly and in moderation.

Calorie content of typical Christmas specialties

Christmas speciality calories
Shortbread (1 piece) 53
Macarons (1 piece) 68
Vanilla crescent (1 piece) 35
Speculaas (1 piece) 49
Pepper nut (1 piece) 25
Studs (100 grams) 400
walnut (1 piece) 72
Domino (1 piece) 55
Marzipan  (15 grams) 69
baked apple (200 grams) 204
Mulled wine (200 milliliters) 210

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