Examination of nerves and brain

The nerves and the brain are very complex organs of the body and together they perform a fascinating task. Everything we think, the storage of impressions and the possibility to act is controlled by the brain and nerves as a kind of command center in the body. Diseases of these organs are all the worse and have serious consequences. Affected people can suffer from diseases such as a  strokebleeding in the brain  or the formation of blood clots, and inflammation in the brain and nerves.

A large number of examinations can be carried out for complaints in the nerve and brain area. X-rays, ultrasound, computer tomography, EEG or magnetic resonance therapy are used here. When should I have an X-ray? How is an ultrasound performed? And what exactly is computed tomography, EEG and magnetic resonance therapy? An overview of the various examinations in the field of nerves and the brain.


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