Federal cabinet approves Lauterbach’s cannabis legalization plans

20 to 30 grams for personal consumption should remain unpunished

On Wednesday, the federal cabinet approved Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach’s (SPD) plans to legalize  cannabis  . His cornerstones of the planned law provide for the acquisition and possession of “up to a maximum amount of 20 to 30 grams of recreational cannabis for personal consumption in private and public spaces to be exempt from punishment”. Private cultivation is permitted to a limited extent. 

“The production, supply and distribution of recreational cannabis will be permitted within a licensed and government-controlled framework,” the key points continue. There should be no upper limit for the THC content for the sale of cannabis to people over the age of 21, such a measure is being examined for younger adults. 

With the template, Lauterbach is implementing a project from the coalition agreement of the traffic light government. After the cabinet decision, the legislative process is now to begin.

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