Firm legs thanks to fascia training!

Ready to roll, go: fascia training promotes mobility and relieves tension after a long day at work, driving in the car or intensive training. The exercises with the foam roller improve the ability to retain water and help  to transport nutrients  . Fascia training of the muscle tissue can promote healthy and toned legs. These exercises should not be missing in the home workout.

Fascia training for tight legs: the role

The exercises shown are carried out with a special fascia roller made of very firm foam. The training equipment is available in different degrees of hardness and sizes, the role can be chosen according to personal preferences. A rolled up towel can be used as a substitute.

Fascia training for relaxed and beautiful calves

This exercise can  counteract calf cramps  and loosen the lower legs. Especially after sports or long days in the home office,  fascia training supports  the calf muscles.

This is how it works: while sitting, place your legs outstretched on the roll, support your arms behind your body and lift your buttocks. Rolling back and forth for a long time can loosen the adhesions. If there are certain pain points, then continue to hold the position until the adhesion loosens.

Fascia training loosens the thighs

Relaxes the thigh muscles and helps reduce water retention: Place the roller under the back of your knee, support yourself with your arms and lift your buttocks. Bend the other foot and use it for support. Slowly move back and forth while  massaging the hamstrings .

Fascia training for a beautiful bottom

To relax the gluteal muscles, the left leg is placed over the right knee while sitting. The bottom is on the roll. First massage the left side, then the right.

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