Fourth wave: Incidence among younger people is increasing

Holiday trips, the end of contact restrictions and the delta variant are making themselves felt: According to the Robert Koch Institute, the fourth wave has already begun in Germany. You can find out the current figures and what we can expect here.

The proportion of positive PCR tests rose from four to six percent within a week in mid-August.

Fourth wave – younger people are particularly affected

The incidence is increasing significantly, especially in younger people in the 10 to 49 age group. The holiday season in particular increases the number of infections due to the Delta variant. Travelers become infected, for example, in the Balkan region, in Turkey or Spain.

While the seven-day incidence was 30.1 last week, it rose to 48.8 nationwide as of Friday morning. The reports of new infections within one day are currently 9,280 – for comparison: last week there were 5,578 new infections. The proportion of the Delta virus variant, which first caused unrest in India, now accounts for 99 percent of infections in Germany.

Vaccination recommendation for children and adolescents: Vaccine available

In order to protect children and young people not only from the acute illness, but also from the long-term consequences of corona, the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) recommends vaccination with  mRNA vaccines  for children and young people from the age of 12 as well.

In order to prevent breakthrough infections and transmissions, a third vaccination is already being discussed. According to the Ministry of Health, there is enough vaccine for this.

Unvaccinated people are particularly at risk due to the highly contagious Delta variant – a more severe course is to be expected here than in vaccinated people.

The aim is still to relieve the health system as best as possible – however, increasing numbers are also expected with a view to the treatment of COVID diseases in hospitals.

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