Free ankles in sub-zero temperatures: that’s why some women don’t freeze

The colder the temperatures in winter, the thicker the jackets become. Hats and scarves are popular accessories, while winter boots and thick socks keep feet warm. But not everyone wears winter clothing – many women wear short skirts and jackets and are ankle-free even in winter. A team of experts has taken on this phenomenon and found an explanation as to why these women do not freeze.

Those who attach great importance to their appearance and to whom the style of clothing is important also seem to be less cold.

Psychological effect responsible for a low feeling of cold

Women who don’t feel cold in winter despite not having much clothing literally feel “hot”. The reason for this is a psychological phenomenon that could inhibit women’s feeling of cold. Based on this assumption, a total of 224 women in the southeastern United States were interviewed using a questionnaire. The women were mostly out and about in the city’s nightlife and dressed up for a visit to clubs and discos.

The expert team ranked the participants’ clothing based on various attributes and correlated the answers.

The result: The participants, whose focus was particularly on the common ideal of beauty, were mostly very concerned with their appearance – their basic needs thus receded into the background. It’s a psychological effect. The participants mostly focused so much on their appearance that they were little aware of feelings and physical signals such as hunger, a changed heart rate or cold.

It has not yet been sufficiently researched whether these women are nevertheless more susceptible to infections or  colds  and whether the phenomenon could be applied to a large number of people.

However, the scientists criticize the social constraints, according to which looking “hot” is a social norm, but many women accept it and manipulate themselves to the extent that they don’t end up freezing.

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