Freedom for the vaccinated and those who have recovered: That’s how it looks!

The federal and state governments decide on freedoms for fully vaccinated people and those who have recovered. The rules could come into force as early as Saturday. You’ll find more about it here.

Individuals are counted as fully vaccinated 15 days after the second vaccination. At the beginning, a medical certificate or a complete vaccination card in combination with a photo ID should be sufficient as confirmation. Recovered are people who have contracted COVID in the past six months and who can prove this, for example, with a positive PCR test at the time. A universally  valid immunity card  should also be introduced as soon as possible.

Freedom for Corona vaccinated and recovered

These regulations are expected to come into force on May 8th:

  1. Dissolution of contact restrictions:  Vaccinated people and genesis are not counted in private meetings with unvaccinated people. They are also allowed to meet other vaccinated people, the exit restrictions are no longer valid for vaccinated and recovered people.
  2. Cultural and leisure activities:  Those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered can go shopping in shops, visit zoos or go to the hairdresser’s without a negative screening test or PCR test.
  3. Easier entry:  There is no quarantine requirement when traveling, the only exception being when returning from a virus variant area.

Mandatory masks and AHA rules remain in place:  The AHA rules and mandatory masks also apply to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.

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