Getting tanned: With these home remedies, it works quickly

Summer is finally here and with it the time for shorts, summer dresses and sandals. But the long winter and the cold spring have left their mark: pale skin that is now showing. Many people want to use the sunny days to tan quickly – with these tips and home remedies, you can do it in no time at all.

Many people want softly tanned skin in summer – after all, it still corresponds to the common ideal of beauty. But how does healthy sunbathing work? It is not advisable to simply lie down in the sun when the first rays of the sun appear. The UV radiation contained in sunlight can cause lasting damage to the skin.

Home remedies and tips for getting a tan – even without the sun if necessary!

If you want to start the summer season lightly tanned or if the sun takes a little longer in spring, you can do something else: Simply add a dab of self-tanning lotion to the body lotion after the  shower  and distribute it evenly to avoid smudges.

More tips and home remedies to get a healthy tan:

  1. Apply peeling  :  Anyone who makes a body peeling before sunbathing ensures an even tan. Because the peeling removes old skin cells, which means that the skin can tan faster.
  2. Start slowly:  When it comes to sunbathing, “a lot helps a lot” doesn’t necessarily apply. In order not  to risk sunburn  or other skin damage, you should only slowly increase the time in the sun from day to day. The sun is at its strongest at midday, so you should always stay in the shade.
  3. Eat beta-carotene:  Yellow and orange foods contain beta-carotene. Carrots , pomegranate,  cornpumpkin , sweet potato or mango can  help with pale skin.
  4. Waterproof sunscreen:  The water increases the sun’s UV rays. Therefore, when staying in or on the water, adequate sun protection should be used – and it should be waterproof. Otherwise, the skin protection is simply washed off and there is a risk of sunburn instead of a beautiful tan.
  5. Drink cocoa:  The cocoa bean contains, among other things, the mineral copper, which can have a tanning effect on the skin.

Tanning despite sunscreen?

Many people have the misconception that high sun protection factor (SPF) sunscreen prevents tanning. The SPF ensures that the skin is protected from UV radiation, which ultimately also causes brown skin.

But it only extends the skin’s own protection time by the factor stated on the package. Without SPF, you can only be in the sun unprotected for a limited amount of time without getting sunburned.

If the skin’s own protection time is 10 minutes, for example, an SPF of 30 extends this period to 300 minutes (10 minutes x 30) – provided you have applied the cream thick enough. However, the SPF does not mean complete protection against UV radiation, after all, radiation still reaches the skin. That’s why you can get a tan even though you’ve put on sunscreen.


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