Healthy relationship: personal power is an important factor

There is no recipe for the perfect relationship. Every partnership is unique in its own way and depends on different influences and factors. Scientists have now found out how power relations affect the relationship.

In addition to well-known factors such as trust, sexuality and commitment in the relationship, the perceived power in the partnership also plays an important role.

Secret recipe for a happy love: free decisions

A total of 181 people were asked about their relationship as part of the study. The participants were between 18 and 71 years old and had been in a partnership for an average of eight years. The result was surprising: Although in many relationships men had greater positional power, such as holding a better-paying job or having a higher education, this was not a decisive factor for a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Rather, the personal feeling of power of the lover is the key: “Apparently, the subjectively experienced power and the feeling of being able to act freely are important for the quality of the relationship,” says psychologist and study leader Robert Körner.

The decision-making already relates to small aspects that often arise in everyday life, such as choosing a holiday destination together or a restaurant for dinner together. Partners want to make free decisions about aspects that are personally important to them.

If there is a harmonious balance in decision-making, this has a positive influence on the quality of the relationship.

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